Our solution

Trenchless rehabilitation:

*GRP Inliner
UV - light curing from 150-1000 mm
*House connections
Rehabilitation with epoxi rasin liner for DN 100-300 mm
*Work with milling robot

GRP Inliner

Preparatory work:
-Shut down operation of sewer
-Thorough cleanig of level reach
-Removal of hindrances and remedy of individual pipe defects (cracks etc.)
Main work:
-Pulling in the prefabricated seamless GRP - Liner by winch
-Calibrating the Inliner by air pressure
-Curing the Inliner by UV - light
Final works:
-Cutting the inliner at the manholes
-Opening of the branches
-Density control
-Start operation of rehabilitated sewer
-Long durability
-Minimum reduction of cross - sectional area
-High strength
-High chemical and mechanical resistance
-Quick execution time
-Minor obstruction of traffic
-Very short time of dewatering
-Seamless construction
-Storage possible even in hot regions for half a year

Work with milling robot

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